Starting in January I made a decision to move my entire workflow into Linux again.

I used to be a full time Linux user for everything, but since taking a position managing a Windows environment, my tool set had to change. To be fair to Microsoft, they make great management tools. Powershell, Active Directory, and Group Policy are fantastic products, and not a lot of tools come close in functionality. This has all gotten stale to me, the issues that crop up are nothing new and to be frank, its just boring. I need to be learning something new continuously otherwise I feel that I have to move on to new ventures. The gig I have right now I do not need to be leaving, it is awesome, time off, good pay, self management, what more could you ask for. So to curb my desires to move on to something bigger, I will just focus on learning the technologies I love more.

Wasn't I talking about Linux . . . . . Yeah, back to that.

So 2 months ago I moved my workstation over to KDE Neon. I have never been able to stay on KDE for longer than a week before this, it just hasn't been my taste, but Plasma is good. Real good. I know what you are thinking, Isn't that just Ubuntu? Well yes. Then why is there a Fedora banner up top? I'm getting there! The Neon "Distro" has reinvigorated the love of Linux to the point it was when I was serving as a Fedora Ambassador. It's great to be back in love with the tech and the communities. So let's list what got me here again:

You need to check out these projects, they are awesome. Thanks for checking out the attempt and ramblings of what I'm into.