Yes, believe it or not, I have a YouTube channel. Still don't believe me, go here.  Go ahead, I'll wait. . .

Ok, now that you have seen it exist, the issues is apparent, there are 7 videos. All posted within 3 months, that first one does not count, ever on any channel. There was a ton of things happening when I started this channel, I had the best of intentions, but I failed to make the commitment needed to create an actual channel. The sad part, I enjoyed it. It is great creating content in the format. The interaction with the community and subscribers is fantastic. With the AMD Bootkit video, I feel I got to help a lot of people just from being one of the first to receive the kit. The Cougar computer build let me help those building their first PC gaming rig. The FarCry 5 benchmarks let me share some crazy 8k benchmarks with some interesting hardware.  The AMD APU Memory Allocation video, well, lets not talk about that one. I do not believe anyone actually watched it. Sad to, had some sound advice.

In short, every video has been able to help others and create fantastic interactions within the YouTube community. I miss those interactions, they were rewarding. In fact when a comment or question is posed, I answer within the hour. Its important to interact with your audience no matter how small. I failed that audience, and I am going to resolve that. Just as with this blog, the YouTube channel will be receiving some much needed love. I cannot promise a video a week, but I can promise to do what I can when I can when it is relevant to share. I doubt you want to see me cooking or creating ASMR videos.. If you do, I have some much better suggestions for you to watch. Seriously, aint doing it, stop asking.

What sparked this, the students. They discovered my YouTube channel and I was ashamed to have abandoned it. Thank you guys, here is to hearing from you on YouTube.